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Why McLean Company Property Management Makes a Difference

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Since 1984, McLean Company has offered the highest level of service for annual rental properties and vacation rentals. As a Palm Springs property management company, our vision is always to set the standard for expert rental management services in Palm Springs, in Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, La Quinta, or our surrounding communities. 

We understand that choosing a property manager to deliver exceptional returns on your real estate investments requires time and research, and we're here to help! Here's why our experienced team provides the value and insight needed for the best real estate investment experience in the area.


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What Sets Us Apart in Palm Springs?

With our fully-staffed family office, we provide access to the most knowledgeable property managers, licensed mortgage brokers, marketers, legal advisors, and other experienced professionals to maximize your investments.

We hope you'll find it easy to choose our services when you learn more about how we serve annual and vacation rental property owners as a Palm Springs property management company.

We're Family-Owned and Operated

We see our clients as an extension of our family, and your voice matters to us. We don't want you to feel lost in the shuffle or like we're not listening to your goals. By offering the highest level of service with a hands-on approach, we're able to treat everyone like family and every property like we would our own. Your goals matter to us, and we implement the best strategies and processes to exceed your expectations. 

Our Wide-Ranging Services Meet Your Needs

With our history in the market and 40 years of experience in the industry, we've developed specialized skills to manage profitable properties for single-family, multi-family, and commercial investors. Whether you need to buy or sell a property or you're simply looking for expert help to get more out of the existing rentals in your portfolio, we have a solution!

As a full-service Palm Springs property management company, we handle everything from routine property inspections to maintenance, repairs, property upgrades, tenant screening, rent collection, marketing, and more. For our vacation rental owners, we also manage bookings and guests, turn properties between bookings, and process payments. 

Applying the latest technology solutions helps renters, guests, and property investors experience the highest-quality services while maximizing revenue. We make it a priority to delight investors and renters to increase renewals and revenue! 

Our Guarantees Keep You Covered

We deliver services that we know work to create long-term revenue for real estate investors who choose our market—and we have the guarantees to back it up!

When you choose McLean Company and our Palm Springs property management services to care for your annual or vacation rentals, you benefit from our:

  • Leasing Guarantee
  • 21-Day Rental
  • 30-Day Satisfaction
  • Payment Guarantee
That last one is part of our family-oriented style of service driven by our core values. We don't earn a management fee until you receive your rent. We don't believe it's fair to receive payment from the people we consider family until we do our jobs first! 

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Our Jacksonville Property Management Services Are Here For You

Let's talk! We want real estate investors to get the most out of their investments, and we've designed our core values and Palm Springs property management services to make sure we deliver more for every property owner who trusts us with their investments. 

We're here when you're ready to learn more about how the McLean Company team can maximize your real estate investments while delivering peace of mind. 

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